Sundance Innovation and Design

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As the largest acrylic spa manufacturer in the world Sundance Spas has been at the forefront of advancing hot tub technology for over 35 years.  From integrated wifi controls and advanced Clear Ray filtration systems to patented Fluidix jets, Sundance has been committed to providing their customers with new innovations that make owning a spa more enjoyable than ever.

Some of the unique features of Sundance Spas include:

  • Microclean® Filtration – Triple-layer pleated material that filters 99% of all particles and removes oils and lotions from water.
  • Clear Ray® UV Filtration – Patented UV light system effectively kills microbes and viruses using the same technology as municipal water treatment plants.
  • Dynamic Flow Filter Pumps – Processes up to 7 times more water than other spas while using less electricity for sparkling clear water.
  • Sunpurity™ Mineral Cartridge – Uses the natural power of silver and copper to sanitize your spa allowing you to use fewer chemicals
  • Fluidix® jets – Provides oscillating water action without bearings that wear out over time.
  • Effiicient Heater – Titanium coil element directly heats the water while resisting corrosion.
  • High-Quality Cabinetry – Sunstrong® UV-resistant synthetic cabinetry is strong and maintenance free.

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