Backyard Spa & Leisure has been serving the pool and spa needs of the Fresno area for over 20 years.  Owner Tom Verduzco started in the hot tub business as a humble salesperson and made the transition to business owner after seeing how loyal the local clientele was with Backyard Spa & Leisure.  Today we are dedicated to maintaining that same tradition of customer loyalty by making sure we treat every customer like family.  We won’t send you out the door with chemicals you don’t need or don’t understand how to use effectively.  That’s why you can always bring us a sample of your pool or hot tub water and we will analyze your water and send you home with the right products every time.

Whether your pool or spa is crystal clear or you have unbalanced PH, low chlorine, or is even turning green we have the expertise to help you return your pool to pristine condition.  We carry a full line of GLB pool maintenance chemicals as well as Leisure Time spa maintenance products.  If you want to maintain your pool or spa like the pros, make your first stop Backyard Spa & Leisure.  We also offer monthly service options for both pools and hot tubs at competitive rates for those who would rather have someone handle their chemical maintenance needs.